Our Case Results
  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Manslaughter

    Client was a local police officer charged with manslaughter for being in a car accident while responding to a call that resulted in the death of a civilian. The state alleged that the officer was responsible because the manner in which the officer was driving was reckless. The state’s expert missed the fact in their investigation that the officer’s brakes had failed which contributed if not actually caused the accident. The foreman of the jury informed me that after the 5 day trial it took them less than 10 minutes to come to the not guilty conclusion. Never trust a state’s expert’s conclusions.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    Client was charged with aggravated assault for firing a shot into another individual’s tire as they were trying to drive off. Client was a retired man who maintains he only shot the tire because the other person had stolen valuable papers from him and did not want him to leave before the police arrived. Because the client had been to prison previously, the possible punishment range was 5 years to life in prison and the state would only offer my client a deal that would send him to prison. So we went to trial and beat them.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Possession of a Controlled Substance
    Client was a young man in his twenties who was arrested at a movie theater for public intoxication, a charge that the client later only paid a fine for. Once the officer got to the jail he took my client out of the back of his patrol car and claims he found a bag of cocaine where my client was seated. He was then charged with two felonies for possession and tampering with evidence by attempting to conceal the drugs. I argued successfully to the jury that the officer searched my client prior to putting him in the car and did not find a bag of cocaine on top of the fact that Texas law states merely being in a location where drugs are found is not sufficient to prove actual possession. The jury agreed with me that anyone who had been in the backseat of that patrol car could have left those drugs in there before my client was every placed back there.
  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Intoxication Assault

    Client was detailing his high performance sports car while consuming a couple of beers one afternoon. He then decided to take it for a spin around the block. As he was crossing the street he was t-boned by a teenager delivering pizza and speeding. Since my client smelled of alcohol, of course he charged with a criminal offense even though he did not cause the accident. The teenager suffered several broken bones and a broken leg. I was able to successfully keep out of evidence all records that showed my client’s blood alcohol level, as they were obtained illegally by the police. The Court granted my motion to suppress both the warrant that the police used to take my client’s blood and all my client’s medical records from the hospital; without any evidence of intoxication, the jury was quick to come back with a not guilty verdict.

  • Case Dismissed Intoxication Manslaughter/Assault

    The police claim my client was driving on the wrong side of the road while intoxicated and hit another vehicle head on causing death and serious bodily injuries. After I conducted an extensive investigation of the state’s evidence, I was able to determine that the arresting officer committed perjury and forgery in obtaining a search warrant for my client’s blood. This all in addition to the fact that the warrant itself was defective. Once I brought this information to the attention of the District Attorney he dismissed all charges.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Assault Family Violence by Strangulation

    Client was charged with a felony for allegedly assaulting his mother in law by choking her. It was clear to me that the only contact my client made with her was in self-defense of himself and another as he was trying to hold her back and may have unintentionally made contact with her throat. The jury agreed that any contact was a case of self-defense.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Driving While Intoxicated

    Client was a local attorney who backed into an off duty officer’s vehicle in a restaurant parking lot. I launched an all-out attack on the unreliable so-called scientific evidence that the state alleged proved my client was intoxicated. The jury did not believe that the state produced any reliable information that my client was intoxicated and quickly gave us the acquittal that we desired.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Burglary of a Habitation Committing Sexual Assault

    Client was alleged to have entered a trailer house without consent and raped a women that he knew. The reality was that he had permission to be inside the residence and the sexual acts were consensual. This was a case where a married women was caught cheating and was willing to through my client’s life away to protect her own marriage. Because of my client’s past criminal history he was looking at 15 years to life in prison. The state offered my client a deal of 35 years, but we told the state no thank you and proceeded to beat them at trial. My client walked out a free man.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Manslaughter

    Client was charged with 4 counts of manslaughter and a 5th count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon where he was involved in a traffic accident that left 4 people dead and one permanently disabled. We argued that although my client was civilly at fault for the accident because he ran a stop sign, he was not criminally responsible because he did not engage in acts that would constitute reckless as that term is defined for manslaughter. My client was acquitted of all charges.

  • Jury Verdict Not Guilty Evading Arrest

    Client was a teenage in high school. He was with a group of friends in a parking lot when the police showed up some of them ran and the officer chased after. My client started walking down the street as he did not know what to do but when he saw a second patrol vehicle drive up on scene he walked over to them to see what was going on. When the first officer returned from chasing the other kids he saw my client and arrested him because he had not stayed in the parking lot but rather started walking down the street. The jury saw this case for the absurdness that it was and returned an acquittal within in 5 minutes of leaving to deliberate.

  • Case Dismissed Driving While Intoxicated Second Offense

    Client was charged for her second DWI offense when she flipped her vehicle and landed in someone’s home. Her blood alcohol was over 3 times the legal limit. Upon comparing the police video to what the officer wrote in his affidavit to get a warrant for my client’s blood it was clear that the officer lied about some important facts that never occurred. I shared my findings with the prosecutor and he dismissed the case.

  • Case Dismissed Public Intoxication

    Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DWI (a case I also got dismissed) and the client in this case was arrested for public intoxication because she could not find another ride home. I pointed out to the prosecutor that the only evidence of intoxication was that my client smelled of alcohol and that no actual scientific evidence existed. The prosecutor dismissed the case the same day.

  • Case Will Be Dismissed After Probation Completed Intoxication Manslaughter Jury Trial

    The client was indicted for intoxication manslaughter after he swerved to miss an animal in the roadway and flipped his vehicle, causing a passenger to be ejected and killed. The client gave a breath sample that showed his blood alcohol was over twice the legal limit. The DA insisted on a prison offer of several years. After the jury was picked, our trial team made oral motions to suppress the breath results for failure to comply with the legally required scientific standards to admit such a test. The Judge broke for the day to consider our motions overnight. The DA, realizing that our arguments would be successful, changed the offer to regular manslaughter with deferred probation. We accepted, and the case will be dismissed once my client is done with probation in a few years.

  • Not Guilty Jury Trial Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury Enhanced to a 1st Degree

    The client was a local business owner who was charged with causing several fractures to the jaw and teeth of an unruly patron he removed from his business. The alleged victim claimed that my client, without reason other than intoxication and anger, just began beating her up in front of a group of people in the business. The stakes were very high because if we lost, my client could potentially receive a life sentence. After interviewing the witnesses in the case, since the police did not do their job, we figured out that my client had never assaulted this person. This person was likely just extremely intoxicated and fell by themselves in the alley on some concrete steps. I called my witnesses, one after the other, to confirm my client did not assault the person who the State claimed was a victim. The jury came back not guilty.

  • Dismissed Probation Revocation

    The client was accused of failing to comply with the terms of his felony probation. After reviewing the file, I was able to determine that the State had filed its motion to revoke my client's probation too late and outside the statute of limitations. The DA dismissed the case that same day.

  • Driver's License Suspension Hearing
    • Driver's License Suspension
    The State attempted to suspend my client's driver's license because he refused to submit to a blood sample during a DWI stop. After reviewing the police reports and videos, it was obvious that my client was pulled over for no other reason than being "suspicious." I argued to the Judge that the State did not have the required reasonable suspicion to pull my client over. The Court agreed with me and issued an order that day preventing the State from suspending my client's license.
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