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Criminal accusations of a sexual nature hold out the possibility of severe sentences that have lasting long-term consequences. Non-legal penalties include the loss of standing and respect in the community–maybe even before the trial takes place. People accused of these crimes deserve strong legal advocacy throughout the process and they need a Midland sex crimes defense lawyer who believes in them.

Attorney Tommy W. Hull knows that not everyone accused of a crime is a bad person and not every accused person is even guilty. He works hard to make sure all his clients get the personal attention and vigorous legal defense they deserve. 

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“We could not be happier with the outcome as he got the case dismissed. Would recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.”

- Kathryn

Sex Crimes in Texas

The Types of Sexual Crimes

The most common criminal charges in this area involve sexual assault–also referred to as rape. It involves sexual conduct without the consent of the other person. If the conduct in question resulted in any physical injuries–or even threats to inflict physical injuries–the charge can be upgraded to aggravated sexual assault. The possession or sale of child pornography is a crime is something that can bring felony charges.

Other criminal charges include public lewdness and indecent exposure, wherein the accused person is alleged to have displayed themselves. The crime of voyeurism comes when the secret observing of someone else. Voluntary sexual relations can turn criminal if one person recorded the encounter without the consent of the other.

Prostitution--the exchange of sexual favors for money or other consideration–is a crime. So is trafficking in prostitution–i.e., being the “pimp” who oversees a prostitution ring’s business apparatus.

Sexual offenses against minors can involve a wide range of possible charges. For one, any of the above offenses can be elevated to include this charge if the alleged victim is a minor. Statutory rape is when someone 18 years of age or older has sexual relations–even voluntary ones–with someone under that age. Inappropriate relationships between a teacher and student can fall under this category.

When the alleged victim is a family member or intimate partner (past or present), the charge can turn into one for domestic violence. 

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Texas

With possible crimes ranging from aggravated sexual assault to public lewdness, it stands to reason there is going to be a broad possibility of penalties. Misdemeanor offenses can be punished with as little as a fine of $500 or less. Felony convictions can put someone in jail for the rest of their life.

Where a convicted person falls on that range will depend not only on the exact nature of the charge against them, but also their previous criminal record (if any) and the age of the alleged victim.

Sex crimes differ from others in that the sentence can also include a requirement to register as a sex offender.  The name of the convicted person goes into a database that is accessible to the public. Further sanctions may also include restrictions on social media use, gun ownership and the loss of child custody.

It’s understandable if accusations of this nature leave a defendant feeling hopeless. But a good Midland sex crimes defense lawyer can work to show clients a path forward rooted in realistic hope. 

Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges

A person’s neighbors, friends and even their family might assume guilt before it’s proven, but the state of Texas cannot. Guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt before any accused person can be convicted.

It’s not incumbent on the defendant to prove their innocence at trial–only the presence of reasonable doubt–but it’s understandable that defendants want their good name exonerated. The good news here is that the advance of science, combined with the physically intimate nature of these particular crimes can help.

Sex crimes invariably leave DNA evidence behind. Every person’s DNA is different and a person who was not even present at the alleged incident can use their lack of DNA as proof of that. As the saying goes, people may lie, but DNA never does.

It’s also possible that an accusation of sexual assault took place after an encounter that was, in fact, consensual. It’s the prosecution’s job–not the defendant’s–to move this past the realm of mutual accusations and into concrete proof. A skilled defense lawyer works diligently to challenge the presumptions made by the prosecutor and to question whether the proof is really as ironclad as the state of Texas thinks it is.

Attorney Tommy W. Hull knows well the challenges prosecutors face, having once been a chief felony prosecutor for the state of Texas. Now he uses that knowledge on behalf of defendants, helping them to protect their freedom and regain their reputation.

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